Small Steps, Giant Leap

To get introductions out of the way, I’m Jen, or Jen May if you prefer — though I have always thought my full name has a slightly Asian sound to it.

Hello! I’m a poet, a poet warrior.

This is the poet part: my blog is about writing, words, and speaking where we are more comfortable being quiet. Also, photography, art, music, love, compassionate humanism, disability awareness, connectedness and everyday heroics. I believe in telling stories about kindness, desire, fulfillment and overcoming what previously brought us to our knees. Confessional?  Yes. Post-modern? Imagist? Yes, again. Let’s share.

As for the warrior, I haven’t yet told my story publicly. But I will have to portion that in smaller pieces. Warriors don’t just fight. They train, they adapt, they have indomitable spirits. I bring this to my writing.

Let’s see what’s inside.

biz card3


3 thoughts on “Small Steps, Giant Leap

  1. Yay! I am glad to see you on WordPress, it’s a great site! Your identification as a poet warrior reminds me of the Irish goddess, Brigit. Do you identify with her as a mythological figure? If not, is there any other figure from mythology that you identify with as a poet warrior?


      1. Athena’s pretty cool. The last time I gave a deity affinity much thought was when I took one of those online personality sorter things that matched me up with the Celtic mother goddess, Danu (for whom the river Danube is named). I was assuming I would get Brigit but apparently not according to online quiz logic, and when I read the description of her I was fine with the identification.


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