Last night I spent close time with two poet friends. We did what we normally do… drink coffee at a shop nearby and supply each other with poetry prompts. Sometimes the prompts bring about something grand. Sometimes they bring an undeveloped poem, but with great potential. Sometimes we wish it had been a different prompt.


  1. There are no rules.
  2. (But) you are generally expected to provide a prompt in turn, write for an unspecified time period and then read your work out loud when it is your turn
  3. Be prepared to talk about your poem nugget and how it could be developed further.

Last night’s prompts, in case you want to join in the fun:

  • to tell you the truth about my mouth
  • I float out of my body into the glassy fire
  • when I have the dream about falling it’s on these stairs
  • to lose myself in decades unnoticed
  • take me to the quiet bees
  • its a mesh of unnamed knots
  • colors, changing colors
  • my mind is the fragrance of…

Feel free to post your work in the comments section if you wish. (This is ill-advised if you want to someday submit your piece for publication.)

Stay tuned for more impromptu writing prompts!


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