Clip-Art (sorta)

ClipartSo, what can you do when  you are not exactly in the frame of mind to write? Ever experience the dreaded doldrums of writing? The much maligned WRITER’S BLOCK? Sometimes you are just stuck.

When I only have white space and a cursor that seems tied to my very pulse, I take out my scissors and a bunch of old magazines. My favorites are those with loads of big WORDS and PHRASES, sprinkled with images of nature for good measure. Then I simply deconstruct. Yes, I know this is just an amateur version of those poetry word magnets, but sometimes I combine several cut outs and BAM! Inspiration.

For example, I paired an image of a mirror next to one of those lipstick models from a woman’s beauty mag. This inspired a poem entitled, “Graffiti Artist” (excerpt below):

I bought a bright red tube of lipsticklip print

one brave midnight…

…but when you were showering and

I went to write on the mirror

I had nothing to say.


 Turns out I have a lot to say after all. But we will get to that…


One thought on “Clip-Art (sorta)

  1. The best tool I have encountered yet for getting past writer’s block was recommended to me by Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons. “This book is my jam,” he said simply, and after reading it, I understood why. It’s called “The War of Art”, by Steven Pressfield. I bet as a poet warrior you might appreciate it even more than I did.


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