One of THOSE Days

Did you ever have one of THOSE days? Where you trip over your phone charger, your phone crashes to the floor, you careen your noggin into the wall, bounce off your shoulder and then twist your ankle or maybe a knee? You know, the kind of day when you go to order a salad, but you order a cheeseburger instead and then you go home and dream of only of donuts and ice cream? When you go to binge-watch on Netflix but your remote is out of batteries and then you forget your password so you have to reset and the site won’t take your newly minted universal password because it needs a capital letter AND a special character… and THEN you have to update your payment information because your bank changed your card numbers three months ago. You know, the kind of day where almost everything you do reminds you of how woefully inadequate you feel?

Yeah. It was that kind of day today.

There’s a poem in there somewhere…right?

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