Bowl of Berries


Some time ago, I had a bad time in my life. I had to find the determination to come out  swinging when I really just wanted to crawl under my covers. It was a time of great grief and personal pain. But it is not the pain that I want to study, it is the story of perseverance.

I think so very many people can relate to this kind of darkness, at least to some degree. So how do you cope?

I have a few techniques for bouncing back that I hope will bring inspiration to you. Maybe you will even share them with someone who is smothered by depression. One small note, I am not an “expert” and if you are feeling very low you may need medical attention.  These are just a few guides along the way.

  • Intentional Gratitude: I am here and I am alive. That is enough.
  • Comparison: “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet.” (source undetermined)
  • Small Doses: I got through the last minute. I can get through the next one. Then I can get through an hour. Then I can get through a day. If I don’t feel I can get though a day, I go back to getting through an hour.
  • Experience the Senses: Go to a local produce section. Find just one fruit or vegetable that catches your interest. Drink that food in with your senses. Can you see the water bursting from its cells? Discover the colors of the produce the way the light plays across the textures of it. Buy it, bring it home. Prepare it in a small dish and eat it slowly, reveling in the sensation of a full bite, the texture, the aroma and the flavor. If you can have one moment of sensual pleasure, you can have many! Buy a citrus candle, clean something with PineSol, get some heavily scented fresh flowers for your table. This sensual experience is LIFE. When you pay attention, there are hundreds of pleasurable moments in your day: how does your soap smell? Think of the cold drink in your hand, how different would it be without ice? Personally, I like the way the keys of my laptop feel when I press them down — it’s …satisfying.

Now for the challenge: write it.

Because, after all, life IS a bowl of berries.





One thought on “Bowl of Berries

  1. I like the practice of radical acceptance, or as mother Mary once whispered, “Let it be.” Accepting the presence of pain knocks it down from suffering to something much more bearable. When I first heard about radical acceptance, it scared me because I thought it meant that I would stay in the state of pain longer, but actually, accepting pain is the first step to changing it. Here’s a metaphor (that kind of falls apart if you know very much about real estate transactions): Imagine that you buy a house that is painted an ugly color that you don’t like (say, chartreuse), on the condition that it get re-painted before the deal is finalized. You think it’s been repainted but when you get there on moving day, you find it’s still chartreuse. Now how are you going to get the pleasant color you want more quickly – by throwing a tantrum, calling up the seller and demanding they fix it… or by rolling up your sleeves and saying, “OK, the house is still chartreuse. Where’s the paint store?”


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