Pretty Little Ugly Things

So often we are rushing from place to place that we don’t even see details. I mean, how many times have you arrived somewhere and you felt like you were driving on auto-pilot? Scary sensation, if you ask me. We are so collectively rushed that we don’t really see anything.

Do your creative self a small favor. Next time you go out, look for the smallest thing you can find. Sidewalk cracks? Blades of grass? Dust?IMG_20151001_094306180

Scale way down. Take a pic. Here’s mine.

Challenge: Write about this tiny thing in two ways:

  1. Describe the beauty: symmetry, color, grace, solitude, existence, careful, gentle, quiet.
  2. Describe the ugly: alien, spindly, invasive, scary, dirty, forgotten, discarded, predatory.

If you are still stuck creatively, try shuffling your descriptions to make one line about the beautiful and the next about the ugly. Or maybe there is some universal truth you can share about the duality of this tiny thing.

If you don’t get a poem from this exercise, at least you have slowed down and de-stressed a little bit. And that’s a pretty picture.





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