Pitch Perfect Style

In the words of The Mamas & The Papas: “Monday Monday, can’t trust that day.”

Not to brag or anything, but I bet my Monday was worse than yours.

I suffer from migraines. And I mean suffer… By the end of today a raging migraine made me chose to drive home on the eternally-under-construction I-90. (Any Chicagoland drivers will know my woe.) If you don’t know already, severe migraines are made worse with stress and direct light, like the setting westerly sun. And oh, yeah, also nausea… which with me often escalates to Pitch Perfect Style puking.  (Just ask my friend Rachael about the Caesar’s Palace planter I fertilized that one time in Vegas…)

pitch perfect

Well. Today as I was driving home, there was no shoulder and I was boxed in by my fellow Monday drivers. So I knew I was building up to be suddenly seasicker-than-any-seaman and I ended up launching my lunch into the only thing handy… a plastic baggie of free dental goodies. I managed to save the free toothpaste sample (which came in quite handy after the fact). However, I was now driving along with a pleasant little bagful of barf.

To add to the fun, I was driving directly behind a state trooper, so I couldn’t exactly just casually throw my puke bomb out the window. Not that I would do such a thing ; )

And because I was not quite yet ready for prime time, I threw up twice more — right on my newly purchased bright red kicky sweater– just for good measure. At 35 MPH.

So, my question is…what would YOU do?

Oh honey, isn’t this just a delightful little writing prompt?





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