Be yourself. I’ll go with you.

In response to a lot of misguided opinions so carelessly spouted the last few weeks, I feel it’s important to add some facts to this issue.

Fact: more people who are transgender have been severely harmed in public restrooms than some imaginary peeper of your pee parts. Some trans people have been severely beaten, sexually assaulted, and even killed because of intolerance and phobia.

Fact: there is no law in the State of Illinois that dictates which restroom people have to use. Therefore, calling a cop to the bathroom for a part-check is a waste of time.

Fact: there are laws that cover the disturbing acts of the sex addicted or pedophiles. Many of those are municipal laws. Another catch-all law is Disorderly Conduct but it has to raise the level of distress to that of “alarmed and disturbed”in order to be an arrestable offense. Peeing is not alarming or disturbing because every human has bodily waste to dispose of.

Fact: people who would be in bathrooms for purposes of assault are not any more likely to linger in public bathrooms because of any law. Those people are already there assaulting or peeping no matter the law.

Fact: belaboring this issue has made it unsafe for many people to use any bathroom. For that matter: I’ll go with you. Because basic bodily function should not cause a threat of great boldily harm.

#transAmerica #illgowithyou