Little Rituals



As the Chicago Cubs get nearer and  nearer to the 2016 World Series I have been watching more baseball than usual. I have always identified as a baseball fan, but for me some of the most interesting parts of the game isn’t even the pitching or the runs. It’s the little rituals that the ball players perform before stepping into the batter’s box or before letting loose a fastball. Various patterns of tapping, patting, wiping, spitting, and swinging emerge.  The guys seem completely absorbed and unconsciously raise their hat to let in some cool air, or re-fit their batting glove for the umpteenth time. What is it about little rituals?

My thoughts turn to some rituals of my own. Getting up in the morning, making the coffee, driving to work, mealtimes. All preformed at least partially on auto-pilot.

I also have writing rituals. For example, I hand write in blank books using an ink pen and start from the back of the book, paging forward with my text. Weird. I scribble and re-arrange and draw arrows like a playbook. I prefer to have a tea or coffee at hand and work best in the Barnes and Noble cafe.

Not sure how all this fits together, but I do know when I break ritual I just feel off. My writing suffers and I get crabby.

Here’s hoping the Cubs players keep their little rituals together tonight. (But, I would love for the Cubs to break the ritual of never winning the World Series.)


3 thoughts on “Little Rituals

  1. Hallo ,möchte bitte 5Karten für Silvester reeerviersn gegenüber von der Kapelle würden uns freuen wenn es klappt. Kommen schon viele Jahre nach Füssing ,aber das erste mal im Winter. Mal sehen was Füssing um diese Jahreszeit zu bieten hat. Im Sommer ist es immer sehr schön in ihrem Biergarten, wir sind Radler und haben schon viel gesehen aber der Abschluss muss immer in der Riedenburg sein.


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